Udasis - A Musical Journey

In May 2016, Duo Musical Manifesto, which uses music as a metaphor to understand existence, left Brazil stripping its then certainties, in order to get to know the other, to investigate the beauty of differences, to learn from opinions and distinct habits and to transcend the common sense barrier, using music as a language and recognizing in it the power of connection between so many religions, tribes and cultures.

In ancient India Udasis were the journeys taken by the great Guru Nanak. The word Guru is derived from Sanskrit and means "that which dispels darkness". Their pilgrimages brought great inspiration to the project “Udasis – a musical journey”, which intends to share the duo's experience in getting to know the world, external and internal, in a journey that lasted just over 4 years, having traveled through 20 countries, on 3 continents, and where they could expand their awareness of the world and music through contact with different beliefs and ways of living.

In their experiences, Nicoli and Parma realized that the differences are not in the theme itself, but in the simple interpretation. “Once the veil of labels is removed, it is possible to see a certain place, or person, in its essence and purity, and in this sense, the similarities are much more noticeable than the differences” – says Nicoli, “the more different, the more we felt close, but there was more communication, exchanges. And so, more addition, multiplication, expansion”, he adds.

Bringing the subtlety of this interpretive look from the world to the music, Duo realized that the notes are the same all over the world, but each place interprets them in a different way, and in interpreting they translate their environment, tell who they are and their history" – explains Parma, “that's why it's possible to notice the difference of the songs in each place or time, however they communicate, share”, he concludes.

Always living off Urban Art, and having the street as a stage and setting, the trip's itinerary was always due to chance and the people who filled it. This experience of occupying public spaces expanded the Duo's awareness of the importance of art in society, “history also survives through art, and the real knowledge lies in understanding that knowledge must be shared, and must be inclusive”, he says. Parma, “it's when we share that we realize how united we are,” agrees Nicoli.

Urban art also confirmed what they both sought most: music as a great source of connection. In its trajectory, the strongest links, between people and places, were the result of music, of its vibratory power, with personal exchange as a bargaining chip. Human bonds, smiles, conversations, stories, volunteer work and many other non-monetary sources allowed the Duo a contact with feelings they didn't even know they had, and brought them their greatest wealth: understanding.

In 2018 and 2019, while studying at the “Academy of Indian Classical Music” in Varanasi, India, Parma and Nicoli had the experience of learning the art of Indian music from their respective Gurujis, Pandit Shivnath Mishra Ji and Pandit Dhaniram Mishra Ji, through from the millenary Guru-disciple (guru-shishya Parampara) method, and this experience introduced the Duo to an element that is often forgotten: self-knowledge.

“A true Guru teaches you much more than the topic you are looking to learn! He teaches you about the true values of life through the topic you are seeking to learn" - reports Parma - "It is a relationship of unconditional love, where he teaches me to do everything in life with this extraordinary strength, with greatness and simplicity in perfect harmony”, he completes.

Although it has a fixed structure, Hindustani classical music, traditional in North India and studied by the Duo, is a more subjective art and has a lot of improvisation on the part of the artist, who must appropriate the techniques not to reproduce them, but to express yourself through them. “We don't absorb food when we eat, but when we digest...” - Nicoli explains - “...my Guruji teaches me to perceive in times and rhythms my internal time; who I am, what I think, all this will be expressed in my way of playing, the instrument must be an extension of me when I play it”.

Aware of this vibratory power to awaken emotions - now also in practice - "Udasis - a musical journey" transmits in its melodic and rhythmic lines the multiple sensations over the years. Transformation, impermanence, duality, challenges; each song represents an intimate account of their thoughts and perceptions, inviting the viewer to also make sense of the sounds they hear.

In addition to the musical language, the project also brings this experience through Workshops, in order to interactively spread the project proposal, seeking to create a language of inclusion, and through this exchange, address different rhythms and instruments used by the Duo, and showing the infinite possibilities of music to communicate, with others, and also with yourself.

For Duo to relate this nomadic life, it's showing that finding yourself is the most beautiful destination of any journey.