A story immersed in sound

Formed in 2013 by Nicoli and Parma, Duo Instrumental Musical Manifesto was born with the aim of understanding music as a form of expression inherent to any and every culture, and, naturally, to anyone and everyone.


Their presentations began in the city of Piracicaba, both in socio-educational events in schools, and in events promoted by Sesc, such as "Rio das Artes" in 2016. In May of the same year, the duo embarked on an intense journey, starting a project called “Udasis – Uma Jornada Musical”, where in just over 4 years they were in 20 countries and experienced a great musical exchange through local experiences. During this journey the Musical Manifesto performed at festivals in Morocco, Thailand and Scotland, having also performed at Artistic Cultural Centers in Portugal and Germany. The duo, who have always traveled independently, also performed in several Pub's, Café's and Winery Restaurants, as well as living and breathing urban art in practically every country they've been to.

Image by Annie Spratt

In 2018 and 2019, Duo was in Varanasi, India, where they deepened their knowledge of Indian classical music, studying at the “Academy of Indian Classical Music” and receiving the teachings of their respective GuruJis Pandit Shivnat Mishra and Dhaniram Mishra. The experience in the sacred Indian city expanded the Duo's horizon, who could understand in the music the depth of an inner journey, of self-knowledge. His compositions represent an intimate dialogue of this understanding, bringing public meaning and seeking to generate a musical language that transcends geographic barriers.


Also in 2019 Duo was invited by Carlton Studios to record an EP in Glasgow, UK.

Entitled “Udasis”, the work seeks to bring duality, impermanence and dichotomy as ingredients. With the Sitar and the Tabla (Indian instruments) as protagonists of this plot, the EP is an appetizer of what the Duo digested from this musical pilgrimage.

In addition to the compositions of the EP, Musical Manifesto also proposes a sonorous conversation between different rhythms and instruments, mixing from oriental harmonies to the baião rhythm to soft chords accompanied by star sounds; causing, simultaneously, a rotation of the musicians through the universe that each instrument - sometimes played by one, sometimes by the other - provokes.


Currently, the Duo who returned to Brazil has been sharing their project also through workshops, in order to pollinate music as a universal language, seeking to encourage the viewer to enter the universe of each song, driven by the belief that music, through its highly printable frequencies in humans can be one of the richest sources of exchange and inheritance.


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