Udasis-Uma Jornada Musical- proposes a resounding conversation between rhythms and instruments from different cultures, seeking to bring duality, impermanence and dichotomy as elements of this plot, mixing from oriental harmonies to the baião rhythm to soft chords accompanied by star sounds; causing, simultaneously, a rotation of the musicians through the universe that each instrument - sometimes played by one, sometimes by the other - provokes.

Image by Raimond Klavins
UDASIS / Musical Manifesto

Udasis - Uma Jornada Musical - is the instrumental account of a musical pilgrimage that permeated the internal and external world of the duo Musical Manifesto. A resounding conversation that permeates different textures and takes unexpected turns, like the experience of cultural immersion over four years,  inviting the spectator to also create their universe and imagine all the link and the universal language that is music.