Udasis -
A Musical Journey 

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"The soundtrack of a four-year musical pilgrimage around the world (...)"
Image by Charlie Costello

"Transformation, impermanence, duality, challenges; each song represents an intimate account of their thoughts and perceptions, inviting the viewer to also make sense of the sounds they hear."

Irlanda - 2016
India - 2019
Tailândia - 2020
Marrocos - 2017
Marrocos - 2016
India - 2018
Turquia - 2018

Udasis - Uma Jornada Musical - is the instrumental account of a musical pilgrimage that permeated the internal and external world of the duo Musical Manifesto. A resounding conversation that permeates different textures and takes unexpected turns, like the experience of cultural immersion over four years,  inviting the spectator to also create their universe and imagine all the link and the universal language that is music.